Season 2, Episode 9: Old Dogs, New Dicks

“Be careful with alterations. If you pull the wrong thread, everything falls apart”
– Samantha

old dogs

Mr Big goes from zero to hero in this episode about the need to compromise in relationships.

He and Carrie are in a restaurant and he’s throwing his weight around, much like he did to her delight in The Man, The Myth and The Viagra, only this time she tells him he’s being an arrogant ass. “I thought that’s what you liked about me” is his entirely understandable response, and Carrie is forced to do a little self-examination.

Later he accidentally pushes her out of bed and she non-accidentally punches him in the face. After a cooling-off period he shows up at her apartment and they have a long overdue adult conversation while wearing two really unfortunate outfits.

Steve manages to stay in my good books, despite forcing Miranda to bend to his awkward schedule (and miss her spin class), by pulling off the old phone-up-and-point-out-the-moon trick. Trust me, though – his charm is about to run out.

Elsewhere there’s an entirely uncool Charlotte plotline in which she penis-shames an uncircumcised man (who conveniently turns out to be a bit of a dick, thus balancing things out a little) and Carrie claims Samantha’s magic number is “infinity”, the slut-shaming little besom. Samantha will get subtle revenge for this in the next episode.

Carrie’s column: Can you change a man?

cookieFashion: At first I was horrified by Miranda’s ensemble of a coral blouse, sheer lilac cardigan and red neck-bow, but when considered alongside Samantha’s dollar-store leopard dress it started to look OK. Mr Big wears a very ill-advised black turtleneck for his make-up visit to Carrie, although in his defence the neck was perhaps doubling as a facial cover given the black eye she’d given him. Carrie has no such excuse for her cookie monster/Adidas leisurewear combo. Bleurgh.

Puns: Big: “More grappa?”
Carrie: “No thankya!”


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