Season 2, Episode 11: Evolution

“I can’t decide whether you represent our future, or our demise” – Carrie, to Samantha

EvolutionIt’s really interesting to hear the women discuss their fertility in this episode, not just in terms of foreshadowing the baby-making trials that are to follow much later in the series, but also because concepts such as egg-freezing must have seemed pretty far-fetched to the original audience.

Miranda is only 33 in this episode. Cripes!

Samantha has cause to reflect on her evolution from needy to liberated when Lex Luthor, the only man to ever break her heart, worms his way back in to her life. It doesn’t end well. She is only human, after all. It’s notable that in this episode Carrie describes her as having “the ego of a man trapped in the body of a woman” – crucially different from the suggestion many have made that the character is simply a gay man played by a female actress.

Meanwhile, Charlotte dates a fabulous friend who she’d previously assumed was gay but is actually just highly evolved, and as usual it goes really well until a deal-breaking incident (in this instance it’s a flouncy freakout over a mouse in the kitchen).

Carrie’s current preoccupation is the fact that she’s been gadding about New York like a hoor for months on end due to Mr Big having never offered her anywhere to store spare pants. Should she stake out her territory, or remain a creature of mystery? The conversation culminates in the women literally talking shit.

S&TC string vestCarrie’s column: Are New Yorkers evolving past relationships?

Fashion: Samantha looks stunning on her “revenge plan” date. Carrie “evolves” her look and it involves a string vest. Charlotte wears an ill-advised hair-handkerchief.

Puns: Miranda has some nice witty lines, but it’s a pun-free zone.


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