Season 2, Episode 12: La Douleur Exquise!

“Did I ever really love Big, or was I addicted to the pain?” – Carrie

Carrie-SATC-beretThe only thing that infuriates Carrie more than Big being selfish is him being upfront and fair. In the last episode he was squeamish about having her pants in his drawer. By this one she’s inviting herself to live with him on another continent.

She discovers quite accidentally that he might be moving to Paris for work, and that she’s simply not a factor in his decision-making. The latter shouldn’t really come as a surprise but I do have some sympathy for her, even after she drunk-calls him at 5.30am to rage about it.

The fetish theme of the episode is a nice way of exploring Carrie’s masochistic approach to relationships, and light if fairly gross relief is provided by Miranda dating Will Arnett’s sexual exhibitionist and Charlotte prostituting herself to a foot fetishist for a series of fugly sandals.

There’s also a very cute side story in which Stanford gets sucked in (ahem) to the world of cybersex after enhancing his credentials somewhat. We’ve already seen him be cruelly stood up after a placing a personal ad, and this time he makes himself even more vulnerable by stripping to his pants, but – hooray! – there’s a happy ending.

Carrie’s column: When it comes to relationships, how do you know when enough is enough?

Fashion: Carrie does loungewear in style with a baby pink and baby blue combo and Cosmopolitan in her hand. She also showcases some nice nighties, but her ever-present fag gets worryingly close to them.

Puns: I’m really hoping the death of Carrie and Big (for now) will give her fresh focus on her true calling, which is to elicit groans of a non-sexual nature.


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