Season 2, Episode 13: Games People Play

“Therapy is just so self-indulgent – ancient man didn’t need shrinks to survive” – Carrie

games bra

Jon Bon Jovi is in this one! Swoon!

I had almost completely forgotten this episode. The only aspect that really rang a bell was Miranda’s terrible outfits. Why do so many of her skirts billow? Her therapist should maybe try exploring this.

Carrie and Big may be over but that doesn’t mean she’s moving on. No, instead she’s taking her self-absorption to a whole new level by talking literally non-stop about him, rather than just steering every conversation around to him like before.

The others have had enough of it, so they forcefully nudge her towards a psychiatrist just to shut her up, and it’s there that she meets Josh (Jon Bon), a fellow patient and owner of a dazzling smile several kilowatts brighter than anything Mr Big had to offer.

The episode’s theme – game-playing in relationships – has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t really relate to what’s going on with any of the characters (hence the need for some vox pops, which haven’t been deployed in ages). Perhaps there’ll be another episode later on that explores “The Rules” in more depth.

Ultimately, Josh’s smile turns into a frown and Carrie is forced to accept that she has a habit of picking the wrong men. Although really, couldn’t that be said of any singleton? If they’d picked Mr or Ms Right, they wouldn’t still be single.

Carrie’s column: Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?

Fashion: Carrie wears a couple of nice dresses, but her outfit for her date with Josh is beyond ridiculous, and a particularly provocative choice for someone who picked up a guy in a psychiatrist’s waiting room. I’m always a fan of a shorts-and-heels combo, but add a clashing-coloured bikini top and things go quickly downhill.

Puns: She still hasn’t got her mojo back.


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