Season 2, Episode 14: The Fuck Buddy

“It’s all about multi-tasking – none of us can afford to fall into this ‘one man at a time’ pattern” – Samantha

fuck buddy2.jpg

It’s interesting to hear the women talk about juggling more than one man in the era before Tindr, Whatsapp and the rest.

Carrie has an old-school approach: she simply calls up her “Dial-a-dick” and he comes trotting over. It’s all very convenient, but predictably when she tries to date the guy – who you may recognise as Liz Lemon’s terrible on/off boyfriend Dennis in 30 Rock – they turn out to be a terrible match. She wants to exchange witty banter and muse about literature and history, but he’s all about phone bills and tits. If he had a dating profile it would involve a topless selfie and he’d open with “how’s u?”

The main theme of the episode is getting stuck in a relationship pattern that never works out. After hearing some home truths about her dating history – which involves being asked out by a perfect-seeming guy then building unrealistic expectations – Charlotte decides to branch out and ask a guy out for the very first time. And then a whole load more guys. It’s fast work. Of course is goes pear-shaped pretty quickly when she tries to juggle two in one night.

Miranda’s pattern apparently involves dating unpleasant bossy men, which doesn’t really ring true to me. It doesn’t matter how good the sex is – I don’t believe it would ever get to that stage to begin with.

picnic cropCarrie’s column: Are we all in fact just dating the same person over and over again?

Fashion: Miranda really plumbs new depths during a picnic scene in this episode but Carrie gives her a run for her money in some kind of German barmaid ensemble topped with a loud poncho.

Puns: None, and generally a bit of a damp squib of an episode all round.

Note: I accidentally switched to French mode on the menu screen – the title of this episode was “l’Homme Objet”. Interesting


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