Season 2, Episode 18: Ex and the City

“If you love someone, and you break up, where does the love go? – Carrie

ex and the cityOh great – Steve’s back, and he’s back to his old tricks. Namely, standing in Miranda’s doorway whining about his hurt feelings with no regard for hers. “I miss you” she tells him. “Whenever something funny happens I always want to tell you about it.” Och, pet.

In the wake of Carrie’s crushing encounter with a no-longer-in-Paris Mr Big, she’s been getting to thinking about the difficulty of staying friends with an ex. She reckons Miranda’s attitude to break-ups – “We didn’t work out, you need to not exist” – is childish, and so she bites the bullet and calls him.

Her friendly lunch date with Big is all going swimmingly until he drops a bombshell – he and Natasha are engaged. At which point Carrie loses the plot, creates a huge scene and almost breaks an ankle running out of the restaurant. Not childish at all, see?

Meanwhile, Miranda and Steve have gone out for dinner and he’s finally let her pay instead of being a complete crybaby about everything. He then starts kissing her neck in creepy fashion, and before you know it Miranda’s hair’s at all sort of angles and he’s asking “We had good reasons for breaking up, right?” The correct answer to this question is of course “YES – YOU’RE A TERRIBLE WHINY SELF-CENTRED MAN-CHILD”, but Miranda seems to have amnesia.

There’s also a really weird storyline about Charlotte and a horse, and Samantha dates a man who’s hung like one.

The season ends is unsatisfying fashion. Carrie confronts Big after his engagement party, demanding to know why he didn’t want to marry her. “It just got so hard,” he says. “And she’s…” simple? Carrie sashays away, encounters a horse (another one, the episode is horse-heavy) and decides that she and the horse are kindred spirits who can’t be tamed. Um, what? Yeah, because Big really tried to tame Carrie by being hot and cold with her for two years then dumping her, leaving the country, and swiftly getting engaged to someone else. That makes sense. Totally. End scene.

Carrie’s column: Can you be friends with an ex?

Fashion: Carrie looks suitably stunning in her baby pink lunch date number, Charlotte looks terrible in some jeans, and Mr Big wears open-toed slippers while talking on the phone.

Puns: Carrie to Samantha: “You broke up with James because he was too small, this guy’s too big – who are you, Goldicocks?”


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