Season 1, Episode 3: Bay of Married Pigs

When someone gets married all bets are off … they become married and we become the enemy” – Miranda

episode3THERE are some wonderfully obnoxious talking heads in this episode about the attitudes of married folk towards singletons. And while we see a few embarrassing wives treating their husbands like a dog treats a lamppost, it’s a nice touch that the desperate-to-wed character is a man. To judge by most film and TV output you’d be forgiven for thinking this guy didn’t exist in real life. Oh, but he does. He really does.

There’s another reversal of the usual gender dynamic when Samantha seduces a  doorman then fails to calls him, leaving him sad, but there’s also a definite hint in these early episode of fragility behind her bravado. The Samantha of later episodes wouldn’t let an encounter with some married former conquests put a dampener on her night. Perhaps here it’s just be the tequila talking.

Meanwhile, Miranda is set up on a blind date with a woman, and decides to roll with it after the pair score an invite to her boss’s couples-only dinner party. This storyline is handled poorly, with Miranda seeming to work on the assumption the other woman must be attracted to her – because she’s a lesbian, right? After planting a surprise kiss on her she apologises, but it feels like she’s apologising for not being gay, rather than for using another human “just to check” her own sexuality. Tsk.

The conclusion of Carrie’s research into the married/single divide is that the situation is basically the same as that of Northern Ireland. Wait, what now? We’re all basically the same, is what she’s trying to say. She should maybe have found a different analogy.

Carrie’s column: “Is there a secret cold war between marrieds and singles?”

Fashion: Carrie compares dating a bride-hunting man to trying on a dress that isn’t her usual style, and this may explain the unfortunate headgear choices showcased in the episode.

Puns: Still none, although Samantha does embarrass everyone with some pepper-mill innuendo at brunch.