Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot): Sex and the City

“The ‘right guy’ is an illusion, you understand that? Start living your lives!” – Samantha

episode1THE pilot episode is about “the mid-thirties power flip”, where men perceive a shifting of power in their favour and women – earning their own money and setting their standards high – find once-plentiful dates are drying up.

This premise has not dated. At all. Was this phenomenon particular to late-1990s New York? Is it even a real thing? The idea is explored pretty thoroughly, especially given how much the pilot episode needs to do in terms of establishing characters and overall tone.

The biggest weakness of the episode is that case study doesn’t seem representative of the power-flip trend. The guy just seems unhinged – and it’s also pretty distracting that the unsuspecting “English” woman he dates and dumps speaks with an Australian accent.

Charlotte blows off the girls to meet a new man, and karma sees to it that he ends up sleeping with Samantha instead. That’ll learn her … or will it? We’ll see.

Mr Big is really quite camp, and his saxophone-heavy scenes still feel ridiculous. It’s just not plausible that the writer of a Sex and the City column would have an epiphany with six series worth of consequences just because some rich guy told her he had – gasp! – been in love.

Carrie’s column: “Was it true? Were women in New York really giving up on love and throttling up on power?”

Fashion: Controversially, I like all the hairstyles in this episode. There’s a lot of volume going on, and even some frizz. There are frown lines on foreheads too, and it’s depressing to realise that in 2014 this is noteworthy.

Puns: Zero. Early Sex and the City did not have puns. Interesting.