Season 1, Episode 7: The Monogamists

I’m not your stud horse you know,
Miss Dial-a-fuck!” – Skipper, to Miranda

sexepisde7WHEN S&TC first hit TV screens, the concept of “dating” – seeing multiple people in a romantic context instead of one at a time – was regarded by many British viewers as slightly alien.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the internet has changed all that, in good ways and bad. One aspect of relationships transformed by this is the question of exclusivity, which is no longer simply a case of “shall we agree not to see other people?” but also one of “shall we take down our profiles?”

That said, it’s hard to imagine a 21st-century version of Mr Big twiddling with Tinder or posting blue-steel selfies on He keeps his cards too close to his chest for that. I’m pretty sure that on first viewing of this episode it seemed to me that he was a bit of a cad, callously bed-hopping his way around Manhattan. Second time around – and bearing in mind the many, many dramas to follow – it seems much more possible this was just a case of two people interpreting the same events in two different ways.

Carrie describes a romantic whirlwind including four-hour conversations that fly by in 15 minutes, but we’re given few clues to what she and her new beau actually talk about. She may be handy with a quip and a girlish giggle, but what are her interests beyond pop-sociology and fashion? Does she have views on the issues of the day?

This episode sees the series start to hit its stride in terms of taking a broad theme – in this case monogamy – and showing a way in which it impacts (or doesn’t) on each of the women. Admittedly the only connection to Charlotte’s story is a throwaway line about a golden retriever, but otherwise it’s neatly done, and Skipper and Miranda’s story parallels that of Carrie and Big but with the genders reversed.

Carrie’s column: “Has monogamy become too much to expect?”

Fashion: Carrie seems to be going through a satin phase, and the pale blue dress she wears in this episode is really flattering. And backless, too – a surprisingly daring look given her character’s later habit of keeping her bra on during sex. I wonder how the actresses felt about the differing nudity clauses in their contracts.

Puns: During a discussion of Charlotte’s aversion to blowjobs Carrie tells her not to get “choked up” about the matter. If it earns a groan, does that make it a pun?